Ginger Zucchini Breakfast Soup

Yes.  Soup for breakfast. Think of it as a warm version of a smoothie— a healthy, quick breakfast option for colder weather.  This zucchini soup is creamy and delicious with a silky, slurpy texture, a dash of fresh ginger and it’s packed with...

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Hawaiian Dessert Bars

I have been adult-ing too much lately and I’m quite tired of it.   Being an entrepreneur-ess sounds like fun until you realize (after it’s too late) you have to do everything yourself.  Everything!  ALL OF THE THINGS.  I never...

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Squash Casserole

When I first looked at this photo I thought it was and apple dish and I didn’t remember making one, so imagine the crazed hunt I went on looking for the apple recipe I didn’t make. Me:  Did we eat apple something this week? The Cajun: No,...

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Cajun Fish Court Bouillon

Although both of us speak English as a first language, The Cajun and I, we still have difficulty understanding each other at times (<<most of the time).  I have a distinct Okie (Oklahoma) way of speaking, which consists of jamming many words together...

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Watermelon Salsa

Summer is coming to an end soon (wishful thinking) and to that I say, “yaaaaayyyy!”.  I’ve been dripping sweat everywhere for 3 months, my usually straight hair is now defying gravity, despite my attempts to tame it with pony-tail holders, and...

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Spicy Tofu Stir Fry (GF)

Hello again.  I’ve been busy trying out new recipes this week and doing pretty well with the healthy food transition.  So well, in fact, I crossed a line I never thought I’d cross. No, not that one. The Tofu Line. I’ve never been a fan of...

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Paleo Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips, Nuts and Coconut

(This post contains affiliate links.) I made a magical recovery from my major cooking fail from the last post, Dum Shak.  Ugh, what a doozy of yuck that was.  By the way, thanks to all of you who unsubscribed shortly after I posted it, I don’t want to...

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Dum Shak Vegetable Casserole (A Humorous, Major Fail)

Sometimes, recipes just aren’t what you expected them to be.  This is the first post detailing a major fail in my kitchen.   I’m sure there are more to come, but this first one was a doozy.   I should know by now if I can’t find the...

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Brussels Sprouts Breakfast Hash

Brussels sprouts for breakfast, what?   If when you think of Brussels sprouts you think, a) yuck or b) those are the veggies you sneak to the dog under the table at dinner, I’m with you.  Until recently, when I had to rethink my breakfast options....

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Grilled Watermelon with Cucumber Avocado Salsa

So how was your weekend?  Were you able to fit in any family fun (or naps?).  My weekend was beautiful and relaxing for a change.  That is, between cleaning the kitchen 3 times (because, food), painting a vintage chest for the dining room and...

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Chicken Meatballs with Kale Slaw

Well here’s a post I never thought I would write.  And it completely changes not only the focus of this blog, but also my life. In a previous post (link at the bottom), I mentioned how I was trying to regain my health and start feeling better.  I was...

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